Following a few simple rules will really extend the life of your jewelry.

  • Always remember to remove jewelry when there is a risk of impact or exposure to chemicals or heat (house cleaning and sports).
  • Always put jewelry on AFTER you apply lotions, cosmetics, hair spray or perfumes.
  • It is best to store jewelry in compartments of a jewelry box or pouches. Necklaces should be laid flat. All jewelry should be separated as to not scratch each other.
  • Jewelry should be wiped with lint free cloth after each time you wear it to remove body oils.
  • All gemstones are not created equal! Some gems need special care and are not suitable for mechanical cleaners. Ultrasonic and steam cleaners can damage delicate and treated gemstones. Always check to see if they are safe for your gem before using them. If you are in doubt, only wash with warm soapy water and a soft brush. Only use cleaning solutions safe for that particular gem. Some cleaning solutions will cloud certain gemstones. Porous gems such as lapis lazuli and turquoise can absorb chemicals and soap that will discolor them, they should only be wiped off with a moist cloth. Organic gems such as amber, coral and pearls are also very sensitive to chemicals and should be only wiped with a moist cloth as well. Opals are particularly fragile. Never use a mechanical cleaner or ammonia and avoid heat and strong light.

The more care you put into your jewelry, the longer it will last and we all want that!!